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TW3X2G1600C9DHX on DX48BT2


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I got an Intel DX48BT2 with updated BIOS 1814 paired with a TW3X2G1600C9DHX kit, as far i know this memory kit has the following specs:


DDR3-1600 (DHX3-12800C9) 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB) 1.8v 9-9-9-24-2T (suggested by memory configurator for DX48BT2)


For some reason my board is setting the command rate (CR) for my modules to 1T instead of 2T, and if i try to set CR manually my board refuses to POST (tried with 1.5v and 1,82 memory voltages)!!!!


Although i'm not getting any error i'm worried about my system... mainly because my northbridge gets very hot (i'm not overclocking yet)


do you have any recommendation about this matter???

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RAM GUY sorry for posting in wrong section... and thanks for anwsering


i've tried various settings for memory, last night i did some test using memtest v1.7: this i what i found:


Wich memory modules intalled on banks 1,3 (Blue banks) there is no way to get my system stable, it will reboot at about 25 sconds after started memtest... i've tried with CR 1T and 2T, memory voltages 1.54 and 1.82...


so i decided to move the sticks to black banks (bank 3,4) and things become a little more stable!!!! still no luck on these banks and memory voltage 1.54 with CR 1... but 1.82 and CR 2 is another history... with that last settings i was able to run memtest for about 45 minutes without any errors (two memtest passes)


but then i did a last test: i unplug power cord and wait 1 minute... then i plug it and test the system with memtest again and guest what... the system resets itself after about 10 sec of running memtest...


These are my settings


On Processor override all set to auto or default:


vCore: 1.3250

Multiplier 9x

reference clock: 267


FSB Voltage: 1.200 (by default)

MCH Voltage: 1.275 (by default)


C1E disabled (i set it manual)


On memory Overrride


memory reference clock: 266 (also tried default)

Memory speed: 1066 (also tried auto)


tCL 7

tRCD 7

tRP 7

tRASmin 20

tRFC 60

tRRP 4

tWR 8

tWTR 4

tRTP 4


Command Rate 2T


Memory Voltage 1.82


should i send my memory kit to my local reseller and apply for rma???


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RAM GUY good news man...


i've done some changes to my rig last night and i got it a lot more stable now...


1st: I got an XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 HSF wich was mounted with it's airflow pointing in same direction as the rear fan cooler (as per manual suggesstion), unfortunately due Xigmatek's size it was colliding with northbridge hsf so both hsf were touching each other at some point... so i think that probably my xigmatek was badly mounted (although I inspected it before mouting the mobo inside the case and it was looking good)... anyway i decide to unmount my xigmatek HSF and replace it again but this time i've rotated it 90 clockwise... now the xigmatek airflow is pointing to power supply...


2nd: I removed my mobo bios battery and unplug power cord... after 5 minutes replace battery an power cord but that didn't reset the bios... anyway i load optimal settings (there isn't any "load defaut settings" option in my bios) and poreceed to test memory (both at same time)


3rd: I set all settings as i mention on my previous post except that this time i bumped FSB and MCH/ICH voltages to 1.3v and 1,45 respectively... as susggested by another forum thread!!!


4th: i did all memory test using memtest86+ v2.1, previously i was using v1.7


The good news: My rig survives to 7 passes of memtest86+ without any error!!!! first 5 passes i did it at once and the other 2 passes was done after a cold boot...


i will conduct some other tests this weekend and let you now on monday, mainly to try to reduce voltages..

anyway thanks for your help

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I did the tests last weekend and this time almost all went fine. i was able to drop FSB and MCH/ICH voltages to default values (1,20v and 1,275v respetively) without loosing stability... i ran 10 passes of memtest, last 5 passes after a cold boot, i also ran Prime95 small FTT test for about 1 hour... all without errors...


the only drawback i found is that the northbridge chip is getting too hot even at 1,275, i've tried to cool it using a 8cm 76cfm case fan blowing fan directly to MCH heat sink but doing that makes my computer suddenly restart few minutes after login into windows...


by the way, should i set CR to 2T instead of 1T??? i read in another post that Intel DX48BT2 has problems detecting correct CR for this modules...


anyway, do you have any recommendations???

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is there any possibility to find o receive from corsair the full specs of my memory kit???


i mean, I know that Motherboards should automatically set memory values (or gather it from SPD) like tRFC, tRRD, tWR, tWTR, tRTP an so on, but in my case I must set this values by hand in order to get my system stable... and I will no lie to you, i'm planning to overclock my Proccesor up to 400Mhz FSB to macth my memory kit stock speed... but for that i will have to set those values by hand...


Some programs like Everest are able to show full SPD string providing this values (something like 533Mhz 7 7 7 20 @ 60 6 6 6 10) but it's seen like modules' SPD is programmed only for 457, 533, 610 and 686 (Everest shows info only for first two speeds) but what about 800 (400FSB)???


It would be very helpful if you can provide suggessted values for diferent speeds or at least for 1066, 1333 and 1600.


sorry for annoying you like this man!!!!



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Yeah, i know the best setting would be set this values to AUTO but as i mentioned before i need to set all values maunally, mainly because my mobo set memory voltage to 1.54 and CR to 1T, my system is unstable at those settings... and the only options are to set all to auto (except for CR) or set all to manual...


well i will be searching more about these values in the guide you provide me...



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Hi I´m ´posting this question here cause I'm using two TW3X2G1600C9DHX kits... and based on the following link the timming are same for both kits..


Dominator Qualifications and testing


to resume the suggested values for this kit at 1333 are:


CAS# Latency:___________9

RAS# to CAS# Delay:______9

RAS# Precharge:__________9

RAS# Activate to Precharge:24


I have no problem setting those values on my dx48bt2, but I´m completely lost about what values should I set the other timings like tRFC, tRRD, tWR, tWTR and tRTP.


I notice that if I loosen those values too much it will cause failure or wear behavior at POST (things like having to power on-off-on twice in order to POST).


Is there any way i can get some "default" or "expected" (don´t know how to name it)values at a given memory speed???


I found an explanation about timings, but no clue about how to get those values



I feel like I´m asking for too much so I apologize if that's the case

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