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P5Q-Deluxe 8Gb Ram


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Ive read a few posts bout corsair ram and my mobo, well asus mobos and i dont understand the erros and incompatabilities.


I had 4Gb Corsair xms2 ddr2 800 (black and puple heat spreaders) 4x1gb sticks installed on a asrock mobo with an old Athlon x2 5200 then ive upgraded to my current spec with Q9450 and P5Q still using the 4 1Gb xms2 ddr2 800, never had any faults and just recently opted for 4gb Dominator 1066 8500c5 in 2x2gb sticks with the airflow fan.


Did clean install with vista 64bit ultimate as i got new samsung drives.


Installed and work perfectly with 1066 ddr2 speed and 2.1v in bios.

No overclock on q9450.


temps of cpu at 2.66 30,30,36,36 idle

Memory temps are not even hot too touch (seperate note, is there a way of reading memory temps?)


I switch the pc on with the button and everything comes to life then after a second go off, then everything comes back on after another second and everything is fine, no faults, all games work, dvds etc.


Anyone know why i get power on, power off then power on. no beeps, posts and boots to windows fine, runns fine.


Bios revision is 0501 - Maybe this is why???


I know its one of those if it aint broke dont fix it but would like reassurance that its just an asus thing and i aint gonna want to go on my pc one day and nothing work!


Was thinking of getting 8gb ram so another 4gb of dominator as i am a graphic designer and always on photoshop etc.

Will it be a problem with my board or not and will it help???

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This is not an issue. All Core2 processors have a built in fail safe. Upon reboot, restart the CPU will shut down and boot anew. There is no method to read DRAM temperatures as there is no thermal diode on the DRAM or digital sensor in the ICs.


You should not have any issues with 4 X 2048. You might have to drop the DRAM speed but usually P5Q does not have this Memory controller issue.

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Thanx alot derekT,


Going to order more dominators tomorrow.


On a seperate note, switched pc on today and it didnt do the power on power off power on thing, but i have moved the pc to another room, maybe there was a bad power connection at the wall socket or something, all is ok now.


Cant fault corsair, always been 100% and touch wood always will be.


Just incase ramguy reads this, i recieved my pci-e 8pin power adapters for my 620hx, thankyou very much.


si - in cold wet england!

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