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Doesnt boot with 4 memory sticks


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Hi, I am owning 2 pairs of (Corsair XMS2 Xtreme TwinX DDR2 PC6400/800MHz CL5 2x1GB) (total of 4x1 GB).


I have the Asus p5q pro motherboard and it boots up and get me a signal from the PC-speaker when I have inserted 2 of the 1gb sticks (they work with both being placed in slot 1 & 2 and, 1&3... probably even 1&4 but havent tested).


But when I place 3 or 4 sticks into the motherboard at the same time it wont boot, the fans starts to rotate and the system gets power but I wont get a "beep" from the PC-speaker or an image on my screen.


I am novice on overclocking and setting voltages etc.


Help please

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Actually, I have gotten some tips from friends, they wanted me to test each memory stick separately in the motherboard, so I did.


And 2 of my 4 memorysticks doesnt work separately in the motherboard. This results that the fans just keeps going and I dont get a beep from the PC-speaker.


2 of the memory sticks works together in dual channel so Im using that configuration until I've gotten the two other sticks to work....


How do I interpret that the computer doesnt even boot when I use the two sticks separately? Are they impaired? Is it something wrong with the mobo? (sounds wierd since it works with two of the other sticks)



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