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680i damaged ram when it died


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After having RMA'd one pair of dimms when my last 680i board died, it would seem that when my new 680i mobo died, it took both pairs (all four sticks) with it. Machine would still try to post indicating the 'dreaded' C1 post code, which indicates ram/ram controller failure, however ram was too hot to touch upon shutting the machine down, and partially melted into the dimm sockets. There is also visible indication of heat damage to the labeling on the spreaders, as well as the pcb the dimms are packaged on are scorched and crispy. I was actually surpised to see that the motherboard would actually power up at all upon looking at the damage. Also, the strong scent of burning electronics indicated that indeed both the ram and the motherboard were dead at this point. My concern is that is this covered under warrenty, where a motherboad self destructs, and takes the ram out with it? Or am I stuck with 4 nice paperweights? Also as indicated, one pair I had RMA'd previously, however the other pair was still operational up until the point the mobo burnt up. So would RMA'ing both at the same time present any issues if an RMA is granted?


Edit: Needless to say, my next motherboard will -not- be a 680i based board, and likely not a board with an nVidia NB.

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