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HX620 and Antec Three Hundred


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To whom it may concern,


I'm looking at getting an Antec Three Hundred case to replace my current Gigabyte Aurora 570. My question is do you think mounting the HX620 with the fan facing downwards would pose a problem?


I've looked at the case in-person and there is provision to do so as well as what looks to be a 1-inch gap from the floor of the case to allow for airflow. You combine this with the dual 120mm fans blowing air in and I would not think it would be an issue but wished to get you guys take on it.

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Why do you want to mount it with fan facing downwards? Either way, it should be fine whichever way you mount it, but I've found it better facing up for airflow on the graphics card.


Mainly for the cable routing since if I mounted the PSU fan-side up the 24-pin cable would be opposite of the motherboard which would force me to use an extension for both the 24-pin and 8-pin cables to reach to the top of the case. If I turn it fan-side downwards I only have to get an 8-pin extension to reach to the top and the 24-pin has sufficient length to get to the connector.


I figured I'd ask the experts before I pulled the trigger on the case since I'd rather not have more issues than I'm trying to solve by going to this case. ^__^

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