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TWIN CM3X2048-1600C9DHX bad module


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I have recently bought a twin CM3X2048-1600C9DHX.

I hook them both on the motherboard Intel DX48BT2 BIOS v1814 on the two black slots as suggested by the manual and i get 3 beeps and no POST

So i remove the one modules and the system boots at 1066 rate and not the suggested 1600 (supported by the mobo), i wouldn't even mind it running at 1333 at which speed the processor FSB is running.


Then i get the working module out and i insert the second one in.

This time i get no beeps, NO post bit the cpu fan keeps spinning.


So i try the bad ram on all motherboard slots and i get the same results, no beeps, no POST, the cpu fan keeps spinning.


I put back the "working" module and it again runs at 1066.


I am wondering if i am missing something here.



(PS: at this point id havent done any overclocking and everything is working at stock speeds, settings)

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Make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard, load setup defaults in the BIOS, and then set the memory voltage to 1.8 volts. Test both modules in the 4th slot on the board (Furthest slot from the CPU) and if one of them still gives you problems then we will want to replace the set for you.
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I could only get this to work with one of the two modules.

The other one would not even boot in bios.

Pictures taken below are with working module.

Tried with "bad" module with 7-7-7-20 v1.82 to v1.90 and

9-9-9-24 v1.82 to v1.90 but it wouldnt even boot bios


Latest firmware here 1814, notice ram override speed 1332, is this normal/stable (pictures with working module)



All processor overrides are set to default



Channel B, Slot 1 is the farthest to the processor, module is identified as 1066.

Setting the clocks to 9-9-9-24 and voltage from 1.82 to 1.90 gives me 1332 as in first picture.



Other BIOS settings (i dont know about) set to default






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