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Help with Bios and Memory Timing


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Fairly new at this so please bare with me. Presently my new built system is running at normal setting without any overclock. Cpuz is reporting a max bandwidth of 400Mhz (pc2-6400) at the memory. What bothers me is Asus's

recent Bios update Vs 1202 for this mobo down speeds the memory to 800Mhz

if two 1066 dimms are placed in the same channel. I would like to see the full potential of this memory. Please recommend correct settings.







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This is an issue that you would need to take up with ASUS.

Talked to an ASUS tech about this Bios update and was told that 1066 was supported if 1 dimm was placed in both Channel A and B, however down speeds to 800 if both dimms in same channel. So my install is correct for 1066 support.

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I am not clear on what you are asking but yes the timings will have to be set manually no matter what.

Would you please recommend the settings that I should set in the Bios for

Jumper Free Config. Do you know of a good Informational Web site that describes Memory settings so I can learn a little more on this?

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