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TX650 Built by Seasonic??


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I`m in need for a new PSU and thinking of buying a Corsair TX650 because my retail salesman told me that it is built by Seasonic.


Since Seasonic has had a very good reputation as a PSU manufacturer i´d like to get one and i started to search online reviews of this PSU and bumped in to this one:



"I received a few emails from our readers that suggest the TX650 built by Seasonic. However, the official confirmation from Corsair representative states that this unit built by Channel Well Technology"


So which one is it?

A Channel well tech or Seasonic?


Thanks and hello from Finland!!

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I was also under the impression the VX450 and TX650 were Seasonics, did you switch completely over to CWT? Because looking at reviews for the TX650W, the innards don't remind me of a CWT supply.


Joebob, you are right, I must have been thinking the TX750. I double checked and our TX650 is indeed built by Seasonic. I apologize for the confusion!

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