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Big Problem with TX750 PSU


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Got a new Corsair TX750 power supply yesterday.


Installed it into my system ( Asus P5N-T deluxe mainboard ) and powered up. It ran for a few minutes, long enough to boot to windows and then it just powered off. The system would not power back up. Replaced the old VX450 PSU and the system runs normally.


I then tried the suggestions on the corsair website and shorted the 2 pins in the 24 pin connector and the PSU did run a single fan so i though then the PSU may be ok and it just didnt like my motherboard.


So today i purchased a gigabyte P35 motherboard and installed it along with the TX750


Again the system ran for a good 10 mins before shutting off and refusing to turn back on. Again by using the VX450 the system works great.


Im fairly certain that i have a faulty power supply as its been the same with both motherboards. Is there anything else i can try or can i get this swapped out for a new unit?


The system was running at default clock frequencies as well on both motherboards

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