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750TX and GTX 280 problem


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I just recently purchased a Geforce GTX 280 and Corsair 750TX power suppl and am having a bit of an issue. When the 750TX in the system, the video signal to my monitors will black out at seemingly random intervals. When I lose the video signal I can tell the PC is still running since Winamp continues to play uninterrupted. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the monitors when this happens but nothing but a restart will get the monitors to come back on and they just end up going out later.


The monitors seem to black out randomly and aren't tied specifically to points when the GPU is under load. Sometimes I can't even make it into Windows before they black out, other times I can load WoW, and at one point I even had the Nvidia stress test running on the GPU for 5 minutes with no problems.


I suspect this is a problem with the 750TX power supply, not the GTX 280, and I can tell you why. My previous power supply is a Corsair 620HX and with that in the system the GTX 280 runs flawlessly. I've played both WoW and Crysis for hours on end and not had a single issue with the GTX 280 and the monitors have not once lost signal. The only time I have this problem is if I use the 750TX. It's like the graphics card is losing power or something since I know that the rest of the system is still functioning like nothing's wrong (with the exception of the monitors reporting "No signal").


Just to summarize: with the 750TX my monitors will, at seemingly random intervals, display "No signal" while the rest of the computer seems to be functioning fine. With the 620HX, I do not have a single problem, my system runs like a champ.


Does this sound like a possible problem from the power supply's end? Could it be faulty in some way? I've had the 620HX for about a year now and never had any problems, the 750TX is only a few days old.

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