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Low 12V voltage on TX750?


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I just bought a Corsair TX750 a few days ago to go with my new system. Today I was getting around to doing a bit of overclocking, and I happened to notice that CPUID's PC Wizard 2008 reports the +12V rail voltage as 10.67V. Honestly, I'm not really familiar with what the normal range is, but that seems dangerously low to me. I don't have a physical PSU tester, so I can't really verify it. Is PC Wizard '08 just reporting the voltage lower than it really is? (It says the +3.3V is at 3.26, and the +5V is at 4.75) Would my system even run with the 12V rail that low? :bigeyes:


System specs are exactly as described in my profile thingy.

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