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issue about overclock

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Hi, i try to lower the parameters of my PC6400 XMS2 2*1Gb C5 from C5 to C4 and i raise the tension to 2.1V but the system doesn't boot! I hear two long bip and the screen remains black.

My motherboard is Foxconn P9657aa-8k52h, the cpu a Intel P4 3.2GHz.

FSB is 800MHz (default value). I don't overclock another parameters


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This is CPU-Z data:




Name Intel Pentium 4 640

Code Name Prescott

Package Sockett 775 LGA

Technology 90nm Voltage 1.392/1.384V

Specification Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz

Family F Model 4 Stepping 3

Ext. Family F Ext. Model 4 Revision NO

Instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, EM64T




Core Speed 3193 MHz

multiplier x16.0

Bus Speed 199.6 MHz

Rated FSB 798.2 MHz




L1 Data 16 KBytes

L1 Trace 12 Kuops

Level 2 2048 KBytes







Type DDR2 Channels # Dual

Size 2048 MBytes


(performance mode and Bank interleave are empty)




Frequency 399.1 MHz


CAS# Latency 5.0 clocks

RAS# to CAS# Delay 5 clocks

RAS# Precharge 5 clocks

cycle Time (Tras) 18 clocks


(another timings are empty)






Module size 1024 MBytes Correction None

Max Bandwidth PC-6400 (400 MHz)

Manufacturer Corsair

Part Number CM2X1024-6400

EPP no

Manufacturing Date Week 29, Year 06


Timing Table


Frequency 270 MHz 400 MHz

CAS#Latency 4.0 5.0

RAS#to CAS# 4 5

RAS# Precharge 4 5

Tras 13 18

Trc 15 22

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I would say that your motherboard is having issues with lowering the timings. Test with both sticks singly and see if the issue remains. If both sticks issue the same problem, then the problem is very likely external to the DRAM since both sticks would be very unlikely to issue the same problem.


With that motherboard and an old P4, I would advise you to use JEDEC standards for the DRAM which is 6400 5-5-5-18 at 1.8v.

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Hi, i test the single stick but the issue remains.

Do you think that the issue can be solved if i change the sub-timings of RAM (for example: refrash cycle time or read delay)?


No, you would get boot, the sub timings can help to deal with stability but not a refusal to boot.


Are you sure it is two long beeps? Do you have another video card you can test with?

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Increasing the FSB get an increase in performance better than what I can get lowering timing of memories?


Yes, but there is a sweet spot point. In effect a marriage of the two. Just keep in mind the limitations of both because certain straps and frequencies will not play nice with certain timings and DRAM speeds with regards to system stability. You have such a bus saturation with that old P4 that it's not going to make great differences anyway though. You need high FSB's with that old P4 or most of the DRAM speed is theoretical anyway. As I said, that's really not the hardware to be overclocking.

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