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High screaming noise on 750w - what to do?


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Hey there,


I've just received my 750w power supply, installed it along with a ASUS p5n-d motherboard and 2 x 8800 GTS graphic cards.. I tried starting the computer and right a way a highh screaming noise begins .. and keeps going on ... I have to be fair and say,- I'm not 110% sure that it's coming from the PSU, however it sound more from that area than anything else - could be the motherboard, however it's so high that I can't determine.


Ever heard of this problem? Any solution.


Thanks in advance..

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Sounds like a low power warning from your video cards, do you have all the correct PCIE power cables plugged into each card?


RAM GUY - you were right. It was a video card warning. I had plugged in a cable that was working, so tried another one it worked like a charm.. Sorry for the confusion and thanks a lot for your quick response !

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