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TX750 and 2 9800GX2


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ok. went and bought a 2nd 9800gx2 and threw it on my board. now as soon as windows loads the driver (which powers on 2nd card) the screen just stays blank. running xfx 780i with 4 2gig ******** reaper 1066 hpc sticks and intel Q9450. 2 sata hard drives and 1 ide dvdrw in antec 900 case.

when I called evga about it had me try each card alone which worked perfectly fine alone. told me power supply probably didn't have enouph power to run both.

When I look at websites like http://extreme.outervision.com/secure/psucalculatorpro.jsp it says in the 600W range.

and also see responses on here with people running 2 of the dual gpu ati cards which I'm thinking probably have similar power needs and ram guy says should work


tried going down to 2 ram chips. no other cards in system. and lowered to stock clocks on everything. still had same problem.

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still no response? no ram guy?? :( nice corsair....


We have been out of the office since 5:30PM last Friday, up until this morning.


The TX750 is definitely capable of powering your system with 2x 9800GX2 cards. What driver version are you currently using and have you tried any other versions?

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