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Corsair Survivor 8GB Flash Drive Won't Work With My PC


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I recently purchased a Corsair Survivor 8GB Flash Drive. When I plug it into my husband's much older laptop computer, it works fine, but when I plug it into any one of my four USB ports (all of which work fine themselves), the blue light on the flash drive lights for about 2 secs. and then goes off, plus it doesn't show up with my other two hard drives in My Computer. I have tried plugging it directly into the USB ports and also plugging it into the extension cable from Corsair, with the cable plugged directly into my PC USB ports, and still no luck. I have an ASUSTeK motherboard and 960MB memory. I can't locate anything in the Forums which address this situation. I need to use the flash drive to take some large files with me on an upcoming trip Sept. 10th, so need to get this resolved quickly!!! Thanks for any help.

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