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VS2GB667D2 Slowing down machine


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I bought 2 of VS2GB667D2 to replace a Geil 1GB stick, now with the corsair memory the machine will be fine for a few minutes, and then freeze/slow down for about a minute, and it continues like that. If I put the Geil back in on it's own then the system is fine


I have an ASrock 945g-DVI Conroe mobo, P4 3.2Ghz cpu, ocz PSU



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To help troubleshoot, I would suggest testing the modules individually in the same memory slot. If one of the modules fails and the other works, then we will need to replace both of them for you. However, if you get errors with both of them, that would usually suggest some other problem. Let us know your results and we may be able to give you some more advice!
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