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Hello, I have encountered a problem when I tryed to format my 8 gb flash to NTFS.


I used the syntax provided by you with my drive letter changed and i get the message:


"C:\Documents and Settings\Vali>format i: /fs:ntfs /a:1024

Insert new disk for drive I:

and press ENTER when ready...

NTFS file system is not supported on this device optimized for removal.

To change the way this device is optimized, select the Policies tab in

the device's property sheet."


Any ideas??


I managed to find the property sheet and changed from "optimize for performance" which was selected, to "optimize for quick removal", but still it doesn`t work.


I have to mention that I`m trying to put large .ISO files (more than 5 gb) on my flash drive.


Best regards.


Best regards

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