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Upgrading with Twinx


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I have recently upgraded with TwinX2048-32002PT G, and they are placed in slot 1 and 2. In slot 3 and 4 there is TwinX2048-4000PT (correct placed as pairs in bank 1 and bank 2). CPU-Z shows me DRAM Frequency of 172,9 Mhz, and that the lacenty values in slot 1 & 2 are: 3.0-3-3-8 and in slot 2 & 3: 3-4-4-10 both running with 2,5v. The bios shows me Cl: 3.0, tRCD:3, tRP:3, tRAS:7, tRC 16, CR: 2T and DRAM idle timer: 16 clocks. TheCPU is 10% overclocked (ASUS A8NSli Premium Athlon 64 x2 4200+) and Core is therefore 2420,1 Mhz, Multiplier 11, Bus 220 Mhz and FSB 1100. But I don't understand the DRAM frequency value - isn't low?



Do i have a problem because of the different lacenty values between the two pairs of ram? I hope someone has an answer.


grauner - Denmark

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