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Flash Voyager 4GB low write speed


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my brand new Flash Voyager 4GB (non GT) has a very low write speed. I tested it at different systems with different chipsets, but sadly there is no difference. Here the benchmark results from HDBENCH 3.40 beta6:


read: 19530

write: 3290

random read: 20257

random write: 382


I could live with the reading speed (although other members have posted better scores for this stick), but in my opinion the writing speed is too slow. I would wait just about half an hour until the 4 GB are written. I already formated the stick with the settings you recommend, but there is no improvement.


Do you think this results are within the specs of this stick?


BTW it doesn't matter if the write cache is enabled or not, the results stay the same.


Thank you in advance.



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