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need answers to why 4gb won't work


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Intel dp35dp how do I get 4 gig ram to work since 32 bit

X86 windows will not support 4gb ram. will vista x86 32 bit support 4gb

ram without rebooting


Tried to get 4gb ram to work on Intel d975xbx with PC-2 5400 c4 pro windows xp pro kept rebooting. tried vista it started rebooting with 4gb

ram on intel d975xbx. using pc2-5400 c4pro


If I want to run 4gb of ram on Intel dp35 and use dual-channel how do I configure to use 4gb ram for windows xp pro sp3 or windows vista ultimate


when i tried to use 4gb of pc2-5400 c4pro windows reported 3.25gb ram

while the bios reported 4gb of ram


Or is it possible to use 4gb of ram without windows xp pro

Re-booting in 32 bit x86. my nvidia gpu takes up 768mb shared memory.


Switching to a Intel dp35 with Intel core 2 quad qx9750

3.0ghz 1333fsb


which dominator twin x dual channel ddr 2 800mhz is the absolute fastest memory that the intel dp35dp 1333fsb will support


if the fsb is 1333mhz shouldn't my memory be equal to the fsb to achieve the absolute fastest possible speed for this board..


can i use faster memory than 800mhz on the intel dp35 1333fsb


Can I use faster frequency memory than PC-2 6400

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The only part that I would suggest for that MB would be Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX as they will run at 1,8 Volts and that MB will not allow you to set the memory voltage so you would not be able to run any of the more advanced memory modules.
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