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What does this mean - just started getting it?


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"The Nvidia system sentinel is reporting that Nvidia-powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power.


To protect hardware from potential damage or causing a potential system lockup, the graphics processor has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operations."


I am running an ASUS P5Q with the eVGA 8600GTS Superclocked powered by a Corsair VX550. Everything - including the PCIe power connector is connected properly.


This rig has been running Vista 64 for about 10 days with no issues and no messages like the above.


However - this morning - I wanted to test a Windows XP install - using the nVidia 175.19 WHQL drivers. As soon as I got round to putting the graphics drivers in place - this message started showing itself.


Now - I did the research and I am fully aware of the issues from about 7 months ago with the 8800GTS 512 cards and the eventual fixed drivers from nVidia. But now I am getting this on an 8600GTS and ONLY in XP.


Is there a real problem with my Corsair power supply or is it something else?


Appreciate some comments.





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If you only get the error when using Windows XP, then I would suspect a driver/software issue. If the PSU is supplying enough power when you are using Vista, there is no reason why anything would be different when using XP. I would try uninstalling the drivers, use a driver cleaning program, and then you may even want to try a different version of the video driver for XP.
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