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TWIN2X 4096- 8500C5DF 1066 Issues


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Hi everyone, i recently put together a new system and i have the following issue, the ram boots fine with all 4GB into Vista at 800mhz. I change the ram timing as per instructions from the corsair site







And i cant boot into windows at all, i get numerous post errors and windows errors also straight after post such as "windows cant find a certain file to boot etc" i ran memtest86 for 8 hours with 15 passes on both modules with no errors at all. I also tried each module individually with the above timings AND PRESTO with only 1 module inserted it booted at 1066 into windows like a charm. So my problem is with both modules inserted with 1066 timings and voltages i cant get into windows PERIOD only with stock 800 timings. Once i use 1 module with 1066 timings its all great, ive tried different slots with the dual channel config with no luck at all..


Anyone able to shed light on this?

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Well after some reading on the Asus site someone had the same problem to me with his Mobo and Ram, i changed the bios of my board to the 408 bios and now it boots fine with the new timings etc


im running a FSB:RAM ratio of 3:4


1066 ram with a 3.8 OC


ill run a full night of orthos and 8 hours of memtest86 to verify its all good

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