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TWIN2X4096-6400C5 Issues


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Hi, I am having issues with my RAM in a new system that I am building. First off, this is a new MB, new power supply, and a new CPU which I bought as a barebones setup and purchased the ram separately (system components listed in my profile). This is a new system and is using a clean formatted hard drive (tested other hard drives as well and still have the same issue), and a fresh install of win XP home (32 bit). These issues prevail regardless of hard drive, or DVD drive (tested several formatted hard drives), yet still prevail.


On installation on my motherboard, the DDRII slot 1 will not pick up either stick of Ram; however, slot 2 will pick up both sticks without a hitch. Also corresponding to this issue is inconsistencies during post, sometimes it flies through the post screen, other times it hangs on IDE detection, and at times does not detect any IDE connections (multiple hard drives tested, as well as DVD burner, and CD burner).


Talked with tech support with the retailer of my motherboard/power supply/CPU barebones combo, and they immediately started asking very poignant and unprompted questions regarding the memory module (Does the memory have a heat sink covering the chip?, is it 2 gig stick?, is it DDRII 800, and after asking where i purchased it {newegg} asked me directly if it was corsair memory - again all these were unprompted questions).


Was told that it could be something to do with a modified EEPROM, and that the chip may not be truly DDRII 800, and that my MB was not picking up the EEPROM correctly, and that is why slot 1 will not detect the RAM while slot 2 does.


I am letting the MB pick up the the ram via SPD, and have tried both using stock optimal BIOS settings, (autodetect will pick it up as 533?) and also setting it directly to 800, the issue prevails with slot 1 not detecting the RAM, also the intermittent post issues still prevail regardless of hard drive, or BIOS settings.


Your expedient assistance is highly appreciated. I am also submitting a support ticket, and after posting this will download memtest86 and see what that has to say on the issue. Currently my BIOS is on autodetect, and has the RAM listed at 533 bus, I will also manually set it to 800 and test the memory from there (provided my computer does not lock up again on the post screen on reboot).


Thank you.

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OK, ran memtest86+ with default BIOS settings (RAM on autodetect), it passed and showed no errors. The BIOS picked up the Ram as 533 Mhz, not 800, I have not attempted memtest with the bios set manually for 800 Mhz; however memtest gave me this for the settings:


Settings:RAM 200 Mhz (DDR401)/ CAS: 1-3-3-3-11


nothing seems to agree to what this RAM really is?

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That would be all fine and dandy, if I had another motherboard to test them in, unfortunately all the MBs I have available are not DDRII.


Whats up with the timings, would it be viable to set them and see what that gives?? seems the suggested timings were 1-5-5-5-18 or something like that?? was going off from memory. I am off to research this and what settings in the bios correspond to what number, also I am going to check the voltage it has set and adjust that to 1.9 if that is not what it is using.

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ok.. some of the settings i was able to change, some I could not find settings for (why does every BIOS use different terminology?). My slot 1 on the motherboard still will not pick up the ram, yet slot 2 does.


Memtest86 is still showing it as listed above for the RAM (1-3-3-3-11) and 200 MHZ (ddr401), I did'nt run the full test yet.


Here is what I changed in the BIOS first off (the settings I could find):


overclock: CPU/PCIE async (also had a setting for CPU/PCI sync)


CPU external Frequency: 200 mhz


ddr2 SDRAM clock: 400Mhz (ddrII 800) (there was no option to set this to 800Mhz)


pcie frequency: 75 (the specs in your link said 33.33, however my motherboard BIOS only ranges between 75 and 200).


SDRAM Cas Latency: 5T








Voltage: 1.9v


SDRAM write Record: 5


Chipset Core voltage: Auto


there were numerous other settings that I could not find corresponding options to change, such as everything listed under "advanced voltage control", prefetch mode, write to prefetch delay, command rate, Dram timing selectable, and everything listed under "output driver control" with the exception of chipset core voltage.


here are other settings in the bios that I could change, I do not know if any of them correspond to any of the missing settings I could not find in my BIOS, but this is what I have in case an of these are relevant:


CPU-NB link speed: (range is 200 - 1000 Mhz)

CPU-NB link width: (8 bit/ 16 bit)

CPU/LDT spread spectrum: enable/disable

PCIE spread spectrum: enable/disable

multiplier voltage change: manual/auto

->subheadings under that:

CPU freq multiplier

CPU freq divider

CPU voltage

*NB frequency multiplier: (set at 10, range is 5-31)

(only one i could see effecting the ram is potentially the NB mult.)


also these settings:







MA timing

ADDR/CMD fine delay (range is 1/64 - 31/64 CLK)

CS/ODT fine delay (range same as above)

Bank interleaving


I know that is a lot of info, but i want to be detailed to see if there was not a major setting I overlooked, or if there was potential to find some of the settings that I could not find in this BIOs.


thanks again.

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  • Corsair Employees
PCI-E Freq should be 100 MHz always the PCI Freq should be 33.33 MHz And what version of memtest are you using? Chances are it is not detecting the chipset properly and miss-reporting the timings or they may have to address that with a BIOS Update from the MB maker.
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version 2.01 for memtest, just downloaded it and burned it off today.


I have an RMA order going through, but still would like to trouble shoot this myself, both for peace of mind, and for the learning experience and future knowledge (plus it will give me something to do while I wait for the new motherboard to show up that has been shipped, and now the new RAM) :D.


talked for a while with tech support, they suggested updating the BIOS as well. Weird things are afoot, CPUZ showed the ram at 200 mhz as well (both sticks) then I rebooted and it showed it at 400 mhz for one of the sticks.


Time to play around more and see what is up.



AS of now support and RMA procedings for the MB are pointing me towards the RAM, and tech support here is pointing me to the MB. Good times, lol

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  • Corsair Employees

We do not have a problem replacing the modules in fact I would suggest it to take that out of the equation but what you have posted might suggest a BIOS update is needed to run the CPU you have or that MB may not support that CPU at all did you happen to check it will support that CPU?



Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them
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Already was working on that replacement.. got an RMA number now for the memory, also yes, the board is listed as being compatible with the chip, and I have updated the bios, still problematic


So I already have a new board on the way, and also pending talking to a customer service rep I will get new RAM enroute ASAP, I am just trying my damndest to offset being without a computer for the RMA processing time.


Hopefully it is the board and that will fix the issue. One minute the FSB:DRAM ratio is 1:1, and i have 200 mhz, then I reboot and it is 1:2 and 400, or even 3:4 and 266 mhz.


perhaps it is the chip that is screwy.. dunno, everyone is telling me somethiung different.

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Unfortunately my friends have motherboards that are older and won't support the RAM, nor the CPU chipset, already checked on that one.


I went ahead and got a RMA on the RAM through Newegg, instead of directly from Corsair, and I also have a new power supply and motherboard enroute from where I purchased those. We will see what is up when those arrive (all advance RMA's so I can test out things and isolate the problem, if for anything else just for peace of mind).


I went with a different MB, kinda blew my budget, but went ahead and got a Biostar TA780G M2+ instead of this ASrock, hopefully that will work out better, if anything at least it is a better chipset on it.


I am still at a loss, everyone I have talked to and/or corresponded with have been stumped on this issue, and it seems nobody has encountered these problems before, but that is common when things go awry for me.. they are completely out of the ordinary.

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oops! my apologies for not following up on this sooner. I was just cleaning out my email and remembered that I forgot to follow up with you here.


Things are up and running smoothly, I did get a different motherboard (Biostar TA780G M2+) so I would venture to guess that that it was either the board itself or the bios as well.

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