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Compatbillity issues using Twin2x4096-6400C5 G x2 (8gb total)

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I recently contacted shuttle about a BSOD issue where my computer would crash then show the BSOD error.

They suggested I try 1 pair(4gb) of memory, this worked fine. I also tested both pairs of memories seperately, 4gb in, 4gb out and alternating.

They then said I should try 4 identical modules from brand vendors such as Samsung, Infineon, Aeneon, Micron, Hynix, Nanya, Elpida and Powerchip. However I have not tried this because I do not want to spend money out incase I cannot return the product if need be.


So if anyone could shed some light on whether or not 8gb of this type of memory with run in my machine I would be very greatful.


The shuttle case itself can run 8gb but of what brand I am not sure of.


If any additional information is needed please ask :).

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Thankyou for replying.


Do you mean I should replace the memory physically, ie buy another 2 pairs which run DDR667, or do you mean I should go into the BIOS and reduce the current 800 to 667?


I was unable to change the NB/MCH/SPP Voltate because I am unsure what my current voltage is, as it does not say in the BIOS.


Also, could the processor be causing a problem? It is currently running at 333x9 which rounds up to 3.0ghz as it should however I am not sure whether the ratio is correct for this machine.


Thanks again.


Edit: Managed to put it down to 667 using a different ratio, but problem still happens.

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The shuttle case is said to be able to run 8gb memory of 800, shuttle seem to believe it is down to compatibillity between the two modules, I ordered 2x 4GB kits so they think it could be the chipsets within them which is causing the BSOD errors and overall not working.


Can you tell me if I ordered two sets of 4gb kits would the chipsets be identical?


Oh and setting the memory to 667 at 1.35v still caused BSOD errors, which is why I wonder if it is compatibillity itself between the two kits.

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