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Been a month! Can't get this ram to work, Please Help

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i am on my 5th mobo, tried 3 different P45 Diamonds, 1 Asus and now on a bonetrail2.


I cannot load vista, linux or anything else without random BSOD.


My current Mobo is a DX48BT2 with a Q9550 processor.

At the advice of Corsair, I had my processor tested - processor was tested and 100% working, and ram was tested as well - works too! I have spent about 450 bucks so far for inconclusive tests. I have been assured this ram will definatley work on this motherboard, i still have BSODs and random codes.

I have set the timings and voltages numerous times, still the same problem.


I ran memtests, and it passed, except for the on in windows vista. ? idk why but it won't post results.


Bios is the most current, all components have been tested. and I tried installing with 1 stick, 2 sticks, 1 in bay2, ect. ect.


I even bought another Windows Vista Ultimate x64 disk.

same problem.


What are the specific bios settings for the TW3x4G1333C9DHX G?

on an Intel DX48BT2 (Bonetrail2 board). And if you could, what other settings would I need to set as well?



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I would suggest using http://www.memtest.org to test the system. And the tested settings can be found int he link in my signature. But first make sure that you have the latest BIOS installed and that you load setup defaults before you set the settings. I am sorry as we do not have MB specific settings but if you have a problem translating the setting just let us know!
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Bought 2 new ram sets - same kind, the old ram passed all the tests, dk what is going on, put in 2 new sets and it booted up. I set the voltage to 1.62, with a setting of 9 - 9- 9- 24 , left the others alone (dk what they mean, best to leave em I guess).


Any other suggestions on these sticks?


This bios on the intel board really is vague, and not friendly like Asus, MSI, xfx, ect.


Any additional settings would be greatly appreciated.


Just wish i wasn't out 1000 bucks on ram :(


I could have had the top end processor with the difference.

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