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Compatiblity Issues betwwen 2 pairs of Dominators.


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I am running TWIN2X2048-8500CD5 (version 1.2) on a Gigabyte GA EX38 DS4, Windows Vista 64bit with no issues.


Bought a pair of TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF(version 1.1) to upgrade my ram from 2Gig to 6Gig total.


The new pair is not working with the current pair. BIOs detected 6 Gig of ram but goes to Blue Screen of Death when booting up windows vista 64bit.



However, either pair works fine by it own; Windows will boot up if i use ONLY either pair but NOT 2 pairs together etc.


Motherboard settings are all defaults and auto.


Any suggestions?




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Your 1GB version 1.xxx modules are Micron D9 based and Microns do not play well with any other versions or IC's. Sorry, but they do not like different DRAM IC's. You might look at selling the 1GB sticks and purchasing two 2048MB sticks.


You can try though, with 4 modules DDR800 or DDR667 would be suggested and raise the NB MCH Voltage to +.04 Volts.

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