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Acer 9300 compatible with 4 gig?


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I understand the the Acer Aspire 9300 can take 2 x 2Gb sticks but I can't get mine to boot with 2. Acer confirmed that 4Gb should work but suggested that there is an incompatibility between the system and the memory. I bought the 2 x vs2gsds667d2 (vs4gsdskit667d2) kit. The supplier said the same thing so I may have to take this back for a refund.


Either stick will work in either slot but if both are installed then it fails to boot. I can hear the system power up but all I see on the screen is a flashing cursor in the top left.


I have powered the system on with no ram for 30 seconds as suggested. The system is on the latest BIOS (1.20).


Any suggestions?

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