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P5n-E SLi and Dominator 2x2gb=BSOD help


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I have a P5n-E Sli and a Pentium Dual Core (FBS800) and got a TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF 2x2GB kit.


As I have seen over the forum there is a lot of people geting this BSOD.

In my case it had worked perfectly with vista 32bit but when came to 64bit it gives the BSOD...


in resume i`d like to know what are the solutions for that insue?

When using those 667mhz ******** i made a OC and got 2.58GHz (stock=1.80) with the ram in 707mhz...

i ame just a curious but one thing i want is to make that oc again but now i can not even enable the sli ready feature in bios cause it crash in a BSOD...


now i`m running both cpu fbs and memory fbs at 800mhz (1:1), no oc, sli ready disabled... but i`d like to do some oc, after all... i have DOMINATOR memories

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