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TWIN3X2048-1333C9 not running at 1333


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hi, im kind of new to this, was reading up on how to overclock my system and noticed something in CPU-Z. which is my memory running at 533MHz. oh in CPU-Z its running at 1.5V (when set to auto in bios)

so i'v been trolling the forums and ive noted that its the JDEC norm for them to be set to this, so it looks like it is on my shoulders to manually change this.

this is where i am having troubles.

Ok so im using a MSI X48C mobo and in my BIOS it looks like this...

Cpu freq - 2.49 (333x7.5)

current DRAM feq - 1067MHz


> Advanced Dram config

FSB/Memory ratio - AUTO

Adjusted DRAM freq. -1067


Then some votages

Memory voltage - AUTO


Ok so from what ive read i change the FSB/Memory ratio from AUTO to 1:2 (since im not OC the FSB) and that gives me the adjusted DRAM freq. of 1333


this doesnt load on its own (which i think is mentioned)


so this is where i need some help or just general advice on how to go about this.

So i then go into Advanced DRAM config.

and this is what i can play around with.

Config. DRAM timing by SPD (DISABLED)

DRAM CAS# Latency (9)

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay (9)

DRAM RAS# Precharge (9)

DRAM RAS# Activate to prechar (24)

DRAM TRFC ( )???

DRAM TWR ( )???

DRAM TWRT ( )???

DRAM TRRD ( )???

DRAM TRTP ( )???

1N/2N Memory Timing - (AUTO)


ok so this is what i get to work with for my manual ajdustments but i dont know what half of these should be set to can you help?

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i would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction of what those values should be? i tried changing the 9-9-9-24 and leaving the rest the same. wont pass post. at 1.71 V.

do i need to change anything in MCHRead Delay (tRD) which is currently AUTO

or 1N/2N memory timing.

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ok so i've taken a couple of screen shots of what the memory settings run at stock spd, maybe this will help you guide me in what this would relate to when i change those bios values (i would love to find out what the areas with ??? next to them are supposed to be set to.)

when i try changing the multiplyer so that adjusted mem freq. =1333

and then disable the spd auto config, and enter similar settings to as i first mentioned and upping the voltage to around 1.63-1.71V it will not complete post.

could you help me determine the appropriate bios vaules for the memory. (do you need screenshots of the bios menus?)



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That shows the memory running at DDR1066 at Cas 7 and if its stable at those settings I would run it at that as it will be faster than DDR1333 at Cas 9 but like I said you will need to set the memory frequency and timings and memory Voltage manually. And I am sorry we do not have MB specific settings, but you can get the tested settings from the link in my signature. If you are having trouble translating or finding the settings I would contact the MB makers Tech support to help you with their BIOS.
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