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Corsair TwinX 2GB DDR2 6400 C4


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Hi all,


I bought the above RAM around 10 months ago and recently i have been getting random BSODs - normally when gaming. The errors have been quite random leaving me somewhat bemused. I then tried memtest - everything went red! I got several erros on test 7.


What i want to know is if there are any circumstances where this could happen and the RAM be fine i.e. another hardware failure - motherboard RAM controller for instance. I think it only right that if i am going to claim on warranty i am sure that i have the right component identified as faulty.


Any advice on how to move forward greatfully received.




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  • Corsair Employees
If you want to be sure, then I would test them individually in the slot closest to the CPU. If one of the modules fails and the other works, then we will need to replace both of them for you. However, if you get errors with both of them, that would usually suggest some other problem. Make sure that you have the memory voltage set manually to 2.1 volts and let us know your results!
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