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Straightening a slightly mangled Survivor


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I've had my 4GB Survivor for a while now, and I'm pretty pleased with it. The only thing I could criticize are the stickers and I hardly bought it for those.


However, an unfortunate combination of near-to-the-ground uni computers with front facing USB ports and a friend on a wheely chair means that the USB connector is now bent at about a 30 degree angle to the body. It still works fine but obviously leaving it at that angle A) looks silly and B) makes it more likely to break. I get the feeling plugging it in might make it go if I push at the wrong angle. It seems to still work just fine though.


So, before I go down the road of buying a new one I want to have a go at straightening it out first, and was wondering what my chances of inflicting even more damage to it are. Anyone done this before? Is trying to bend it again likely to just snap the connector straight off?

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I ended up straightening it out with my fingers, and it seems grand. There were a few nervous snapping sounds but it's working perfectly fine.


You guys really built these things to take abuse, didn't you?


Now if only there was a Survivor Mini like the Voyager Mini...!

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