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Flash Padlock on Mac


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Hi there


Firstly, I apologise if it sounds like I have not read the specs, I am just a little wary and would some clarification.


I am looking for a USB stick with hardware based encryption, that is cross platform compatible with Windows (XP onwards) and Mac (OSX 10.3 onwards).


From what I have read, the Flash Padlock encryption / decryption is carried out directly on the drive itself, so it does not need to touch the operating system at all. However, will the drive mount correctly on a Mac and Windows machine with no issues?


In terms of security


Once again, apologies if this info is in the specs, but I am about to recommend to a client that they purchase roughly 50 of these devices, so want to make sure that they do exactly what is needed.


Any thoughts would be gratefully received.



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The Flash padlock does not use encryption the padlock will simple turn on and off the drive with a pass word. And I am sorry I do not know of any drive at this time that would work with a Mac and Windows using encryption. However, you can check at http://www.truecrypt.com and see if they support Mac software.
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