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HX520W Power Supply Question


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Hey all, looking to buy a Corsair HX520W Power supply, just need a little reassurance it's enough power because I'm ignorant when it comes to power. Running an average $90 Gigabyte mobo, nothing fancy, no SLi or any of that. Intel E8500 3.16 Wolfdale processor. 4x 1GB Modules of Corsair XMS2 PC-6400 RAM w/ DHX Heat Xchange. Got a 150gb WD Raptor, and 2x 750gb 7200 RPM SATA HD's. A EVGA GTX260 896mb video card, and a single Sony DVD+/-R/RW Drive. Checked a few calculators online and the most they said I'd need is 358w PSU, but some professional reassurance would make me feel warm @ night before ordering. Thanks in advance!
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