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twin2x2048-8500c5d g wont run at 1066MHz


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Hi All, posted this in enthusiasts section, was suggested to post here...


Hi All,


First post so be gentle.


Have managed to get a nice stable oc of 3.4MHz (8.5x400) on my e7200. Currently have ram multi at 2D (800MHz), however when I try and set it to 2.66D (1066MHz) comp will not post.


I have set ram timings to 5-5-5-15 and volts to 2.1v as per corsair instructions. What am I doing wrong?


Specs (incase it does not show on post)




twin2x2048-8500c5d g





I have tried upping NB volts to 1.16, still no good. Any thoughts?

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Try and load setup defaults and then set the tested settings of the modules with out over clocking and see if the will pass http://www.memtest.org





I am sure I have done that, but will do it again tonight.


I do not understand why it will work perfectly at 800MHz, but not at 1066 even though I have the ram settings as specified.

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If you are over clocking the CPU that will change the way the chipset and CPU reacts to memory and the memory frequency will always be a divider setting from the CPU host clock.



I may not understand what you have said completely, but i have the cpu at 400MHz and the MCH at 400MHz, so a ram setting of 2.66D should give me 1066MHz! or am i way off the mark?


By the way, have just updated BIOS to latest (F8) still having the same issue. Also the ram passed memtest86+ with no errors

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It sounds right but I am not sure how they did the divider on that MB and I do not have a Gigabyte MB handy to tell you if that is correct, I would just try it or call their tech support and ask them. But I think with this chipset that will make the memory run at DDR1333.
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