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VoyagerMini and WINDOWS 98SE


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Am using Flash Voyager 4GB with WIN98SE with no problems after obtaining driver.


Just purchased VoyagerMini 4GB and WIN98SE could not find driver.


Is there another USBMINI driver for WIN98SE or a procedure that can be used to allow USBMINI to utilize existing Voyager 4GB driver?

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You could try:




The above link to free download nusb33e.exe which works perfectly with 3 different USB sticks which my W98SE couldn't otherwise recognise.

All W98SE sticks need a driver but I did not need to uninstall the drivers for

my other USB sticks which were recognised.


There are good expectations it will work so please advise how it goes.


My regards

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Thanks, Mike, for your help. The Mini seems to be working well after installing the nusb33e.exe. As you experienced, I also have not removed any other existing drivers for WIN98SE and have noted no problem with my other devices.


Thanks again.


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Hi again Ram Guy,


Despite your many posts, I expect you will now recall that it was you who first provided me with the link I posted above.


It seems almost certain that all your Corsair sticks will work with W98SE so do you think it would be generally helpful if you were to add a note to the appropriate Sticky above?


My regards and thanks for your past help.

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Well honestly no I don't remember giving that to you. I may have had someone else provide that link and gave it as a last resort but I normally do not suggest other third party drivers unless I have tested them.
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Ram Guy,


I'm a lot worse than you. I'm totally past it as I remember almost nothing

of the link Wired kindly gave us and I thought there was another post.


It doesn't really matter since I'm (otherwise) fine and new writers get help.


My regards in retirement

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