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Memory Help Please


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Hi there


I bought myself 2gb of CM2x1024-6400C5DHX memory and I've left everything on auto in the BIOS and it's been running my PC fine for 6 weeks and still is although Counter Strike Source has started to crash and my friends believe I need to up the memory voltage...Here are some facts...


In CPU-Z, the memory reads...5-5-5-18 and 1.8v

On the memory modules they read...5-5-5-18 and 1.80v and it also says these are ver2.1 if that makes any difference.

I have also ran MemTest which detected 0 errors after 6 cycles.


So CPU-Z is reading the modules how they should be running which I am happy about, but I'm a bit reluctant to up the memory voltage as my friends suggest as it says on the module 1.80v and it is already running at 1.8v according to CPU-Z.


If I did up the memory voltage...

1)What sort of voltage should I set it to?

2)Would upping the memory voltage require me to up any other voltages?

3)Would I need to alter my memory timings if I upped the memory voltage?


But I don't see how upping my memory voltage would fix my game crashing :confused:


Anyway, thanks for reading and I appreciate any help given :)


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