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750TX PSU 12V Rail


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Dear Corsair,


After talking with EVGA through phone and e-mail, my mobo/gpu manufacturer has come to the conclusion that my 12V rail on my PSU is faulty. The software SpeedFan (v 4.34) states that my 12V rail is only outputting 9.87V consistently. However, my BIOS reads that the rail it putting out 11.98V. Which should I believe?


EVGA believes that because of the lack of power on my 12V rail causes frequent video crashes characterized by loss of monitor output as well as loss of keyboard/mouse function.


Does this sound like a faulty PSU?

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Thanks -- got my hands on a analog multimeter, and the voltage came out to be within 5% of 12V.


Glad to hear it is within spec, both software and BIOS readings can be off by quite a bit. With that said, I would not suspect a faulty PSU is causing the issues.

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