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Slow Performance from 8GB Flash Voyager


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I recently purchased an 8GB Flash Voyager from NCIX.com and I have found that it has very slow performance. I have tried formatting the drive which gave increased performance for a short time but after I started copying my files back onto the drive, the performance quickly declined. After completing the copy the performance was back around where it was initially. I have experienced write speeds of as low as 50kb/s average on this drive.


I have tested the drive on several machines and operating systems including Windows Vista SP1, XP SP2, and Xubuntu 8.04. The speed measurements were all done on Windows Vista SP1 but the performance issues are noticeable on the other systems as well.


I believe that I posted on this topic previously but when I returned after a few days I could not find the thread so I will post again. I do not have the original HDBench scores I posted then so I have rerun the test and the following were my scores:


Read: 26890

Write: 6989

RandomRead: 34178

RandomWrite: 1284



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Please try to format the drive from a command prompt with this syntax:

Format (X:) /FS:FAT32 /U (X=the drive letter assigned to the Flash Voyager) then try the HDBENCH v3.40 Beta 6 to test the performance. And please do a full format of the drive before you run the test and set it to 100 MB file size.



But what you have posted is in spec for a 8 Gig no GT Flash Voyager.

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The scores I posted above were after the first reformat I did. I have tried again and gotten similar scores:


Read: 33828

Write: 7276

RandomRead: 33997

RandomWrite: 1316


I do not have the GT, just the regular Flash Voyager. If these are the design speeds for this drive then I apologize for raising the issue.

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