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Dominator ram divider/timing help for 450 FSB

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I just built my first comp and I have been on a quest to get it at a good working level beyond anything I've had for gaming. I run a rampage formula board with two sticks of dominator 1066 capable ram I have been playing around with my BIOS to achieve a stable 24/7 overclock on my intel e8500 with IDEAL ram settings.


Aiming for 450 FSB @ 9.5 multiplier (4275 mhz) I have the options of:


900 mhz @ 1:1 OR 1081mhz @ 5:6


-at 900 I can set the BIOS to T1 and it is stable and I notice the difference in the non snappy loading times but i can't say which is faster

-at 1081 its a little faster I think but I cannot run 1T stable so 2T is enabled

Which is better? And for the victor how would timings go, I want this to be at the best setting.

i read this guide: http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3208&p=4

and understood about 1/4 of it..... I am still confused with all the BIOS settings available and wonder if anyone could lend any advice in that field as well for voltages ... I've heard 2.1v is the max reccomended




Cpu 34 idle 55 load

NB 48 idle 58 load

SB 38 idle 44 load


Ai Overclock Tuner = Manual

CPU Ratio Control = Auto

FSB Frequency = 450

FSB Strap to North Bridge = Auto

PCI-E Frequency= 100

DRAM Frequency= DDR2 1081

DRAM Command Rate = 2N ( I see people refer to this as 2T or 1T?)

DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A = Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B = Auto

DRAM Timing Control= Manual (No clue with timings as to whats best)


CAS# Latency = 5

RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5

RAS# Precharge = 5

RAS# ActivateTime = 15

RAS# to RAS# Delay = Auto

Ref Cycle Time = Auto

Write Recovery Time = Auto

Read to Precharge Time = Auto



Read to Write Delay (S/D) = Auto

Write to Read Delay (S) = Auto

Write to Read Delay (D) = Auto

Read to Read Delay (S) = Auto

Read to Read Delay (D) = Auto

Write to Write Delay (S) = Auto

Write to Write Delay (D) = Auto



Write to PRE Delay = Auto

Read to PRE Delay = Auto

PRE to PRE Delay = Auto

ALL PRE to ACT Delay = Auto

ALL PRE to REF Delay = Auto


DRAM Static Read Control= Auto (No idea)

Ai Clock Twister = Auto (Sounds like some game?)

Transaction Booster = Auto (Seen people set this to adjust to adjust common performance level? anyone reccomend anything?)


CPU Voltage = 1.4125v (These are all the lowest I could get stable)

CPU PLL Voltage = 1.50v

North Bridge Voltage = 1.43v

DRAM Voltage = 2.1v

FSB Termination Voltage = 1.38v

South Bridge Voltage = 1.075

SB 1.5V Voltage = Auto (Should I adjust this to lowest?)

Loadline Calibration = Disabled

CPU GTL Reference = Auto (Wtf is this?)

North Bridge GTL Reference = Auto (No idea?)

DDR2 Channel A REF Voltage = Auto (I've seen these set to DDR2-REF)

DDR2 Channel B REF Voltage = Auto

DDR2 Controller REF Voltage = Auto


CPU Spread Spectrum = Auto (Believe i saw something about turning off)

PCIE Spread Spectrum = Auto

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If it is stable, running the RAM at 1081 should be better than 900, even if you have to run 1081 @ 2T. 1T vs 2T is typically only useful in synthetic benchmarks and has almost no measurable effect on real world performance.


2.1v or 2.2v on the memory is fine, depending on which version you have. Your timings look perfect.

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Thanks a ton mike I appreciate the advice!

Got everything running pretty stable.


I was wondering if you or anyone else might have info on

DRAM Static Read Control= Auto ( I heard this was beneficial if u can post with it)

Ai Clock Twister = Light - Strongest? Does this affect bandwidth for ram?


Transaction Booster = Manual

Which opens up Common Performance Level: 1-10 I believe

What is better lower or higher? What do you guru's suggest to be ideal!

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