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Asus P5B and 4x1GB XMS6405v5.1


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maybe you can help me...I'm going nuts here.


My system

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

Asus P5B (Bios atm: 1902)

4x1GB XMS6405v5.1 5-5-5-12 800Mhz

...a few pci cards....


I've been running this system at FSB400 -> 2,8Ghz/Core. A few months ago I could run this system without problems with my 4GB Corsair rams and it worked like a charm. I've changed a few things in my system (HDDs) and since then I can't get it to boot up with more than 3 ram chips.

When I'm trying to boot it just gives me a black screen, no beep no picture nothing. Just the fans going fullspeed.

So I figured slowing things down, but even with FSB266 still nothing happens. I've tried the ram chips in different slots and tested them with memtest...no errors there. I've put up the memory voltage to 2.1V but that didn't help either.

I tried different timings....nothing changed there.

The only thing I could image is that I've got these 4 chips at different times. 2 of them have the number: 0647004-20 on'em the other two have the number: 07310873-0

But I tried different combinations and it just didn't boot when I put in the 4th chip.


Maybe you have an idea.

Thanks a lot






I've just ran another ram test with 3 chips integrated...I'm getting errors all over the place...

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With 4 modules DDR667 would be suggested and set the memory Voltage to 2.0 Volts and set the NB/MCH/SPP Voltage to +.05 Volts. And Change ‘Write to Precharge delay’ in the BIOS (same page as for latencies) from default 10 to 15
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