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Corsair DDR2 Dominator Warranty

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Hey there, I have just signed onto this forum after seeing it on the corsair website.


I have an issue with the warranty of my memory module. what happened to the item is that it stopped working and i had to send it back to where i purchased the item from which was Scan Computers.


The problem i have is that they are offering me £40 or replacement ram which is the Corsair DDR2 XMS2 Ram. The ram i bought initially was the Dominator series but unfortunately corsair stopped making them. But, the corsair ram was sli ready. I am running two 8800gtx graphics cards and dominator ram was very good for my current build. The ram i am being offered is not sli ready and the customer service advisor was trying to talk me out of it and make me accept the xms2 ram telling me there was nothing different.


Now the question i have is that should scan not be getting in touch with corsair to claim the warranty? I was just on the corsair website and i saw that corsair would replace the ram or provide you with something better if they cant match what you have. The dominator ram i have is now discontinued and i paid £90 for the item. What should I do? Should i claim myself for the warranty with corsiar? or tell scan? I need SLI ready ram and corsair should give that to me? am i correct when i say that i should get a better ram as they do not make the ram i have?




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SLI ready memory will have nothing to do with the SLI Video it will only set the performance profiles of the modules and with out it you would just set the timings manually and it will have no effect on your Video cards. I would just take what they offered you or you are welcome to submit the RMA directly with us but you would need to call our customer service to see what we would replace them with. However, if this is XM2S-6400C4D and they offered XM2S-6400C4DHX they will be a direct replacment and should have EPP Profiles in the SPD.
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