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Bad ram stick from a pair


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I have had my current system for around 2 years and my corsair memory has been the only memory in it since I first assembled it. This system has been rock solid since I built it; however, my system suddenly started having many program and system crashes the other day even in safe mode. These symptoms persisted until I removed one of the RAM sticks and then everything was as stable as ever.


Further testing showed that it was just this one (of my matched pair of corsair RAM -- the only two sticks of RAM in the computer) stick of RAM and not the memory slot as the other, still good, stick of RAM worked just fine in the bad RAM stick's memory slot and the system was only stable when the bad memory stick was not installed.


I have built computers for myself and others for over a decade, so I know my way around the inside of a case.


In addition to the request for an RMA, is there a way we could do an advanced replacement (with me giving you guys credit card info as insurance or however you guys want to work it)? I don't have an extra memory stick to keep my desktop up and running if I have to send the pair back (which I believe I have to send back the pair since I bought them as a matched pair), and a week or more of downtime waiting for the replacement would be a major inconvenience for me.


My computer details should be in my profile.


The details on the RAM stick are:




400MHz CL2


Thank you in advance for the help. :-)

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I ordered these 4 sets of RAM from Newegg,

CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200)

Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory -


I have had my current system for about 180-days or more, .

I was looking around for some Awsome Extreme rams for my New rig.

and this is a new Build no watercooling on this one but other then that

i started getting reboots and crashes..

i did some troubleshooting and still find a pair to go bad on me for the first time..

should there be some settings changed in the bios..?

tried removing the c-mos battery a few times but i'm diffentily sure is one of the pair of rams i got..


but the bad part was the email i sent to Newegg,com about relacing them,

Next day They had replyed stating that i should get in contact with CORSAIR..

so here i am i joined the Forums-group.. hiii =0)




Whats labeled on the rams:



08200168 400MHZ



thanks for looking..

and all the help i can get..

I Really appreciate it..

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You may want to open your own thread. I'm not sure about this forum, but some tech support forum personnel stop browsing threads that have been solved.


As far as verifying your RAM, the easiest way to see if any are bad is by trying each stick of RAM individually in each memory slot and observing system operability. This way you can check if your RAM is the problem or your motherboard is the problem (bad memory slot, bad memory bus channel, etc.).


Best of luck solving your problem. I'm sure the RAM GUY can help you out. :-)

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