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Attention ram guy


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Well my first purchase was a corsair modular 620w psu which i had for some

time untill i had 2 8800gtx installed , 3 hdd , 2 dvd writers etc.


i dont think the psu can handle the load , i installed crysis and world in conflict

and in both games after some time the system would either hang . no reboots first.


i thiought always that this is an heat issue ... so i also turned up the a/c in my room but still the problem was there . only cod4 and the rest of the games ran fine in sli mode .


some one told me to change the psu and i did i got the cooler master 850w and the problem vanished no more lock ups .


no offense ram guy but i think the 620w modular psu cant take so much load , or maybe i am wrong , anyway in crysis when i now run the bench marks

it gives about 64fps at 1900-1200 which before never went up above 32fps.


the other thing is i also got another corsair 750w psu for a new gaming rig which i just built .


i never knew the forums would contain so many complaints from people ..


i am shocked by the number of rma happening here ...my confidence in corsair is shaken up right now , i got your product coz of the good reviews i read on many web sites but what the hell is all this .....


i dont want ur damn psu to destroy my rig which i spent a great deal of money and time .


either ur qa team is not doing there job properly or CORSAIR is now making

sub standard psu .....


i would appreciate an answer to this ..


i dont know ....i have no choise now as i have allready installed the new

psu ..... if i knew so many problems exsisted i would have gone for

the cooler master 850w psu .

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  • Corsair Employees

muhd86, this is our support forum, people normally only post here if they are having problems. The problems you see here reflect much less than one percent of the units which are actually sold. This forum is here for us to help end users who have problems, and to replace the products if they are not functioning properly.


If you believe the PSU to be faulty then we can replace it for you. Please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”


I have seen the HX620 power a system with 2x 8800GTXs with a highly overclocked CPU and memory running 2 instances of Orthos along with loops of 3DMark06 at the same time for over 24 hours with no problems, so I am confident that an HX620 would power your system.

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Yeah, when a brand sells many units, the relative number of RMAs are of course bound to go up, as no manufacturer can possibly maintain a 0% failure rate. Corsair is currently a very popular brand, and thus sells a lot of units. If all the people who acually has a properly working unit were to post here, the forum would be quite overwhelmed. Logic dictates that hardly anyone is going to bother coming here if they have no problems or other type of inquiries. Personally I've recommended Corsairs to a lot of people, and I can't see any reason to complain about the quality of the units.
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Yes I'd not that the HX1000 I've posted about here is not the first Corsair PSU I've owned, it is just the first I've posted about because it is the first that has had a problem of any kind.


If you go to a support forum, you can expect 99.99% of the threads to be related to problems. That is, after all, the point of a support forum. Check out Hardforum or the like if you want more general hardware posts.

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