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VS1GBKIT400 compatibility question


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I am upgrading my parent's pc, and I followed the memory upgrade selector on http://www.newegg.com. I selected the most popular and ordered it Newegg part# N82E16820145440 MEM 512Mx2|CORSAIR D400 VS1GBKIT400. It says it is a Dual Channel Kit. Will it work for my parents machine Dell Dimension 2350? I read (after I ordered it) on the internet that some machines will not accept Dual Channel Kits. So I am a little worried that Newegg’s selector gave me the wrong thing. I e-mailed Newegg right away and asked if it will work and was referred to you. Please help. :eek:


Edit even if it works in some sort of dummy down mode I would be happy it is only for a net surfing machine.

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