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Corsair TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX and Asus P5Q3 DELUXE problem


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I have a strange problem with the 2 x Corsair TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX modules in my Asus P5Q3 DELUXE MB.


The datasheet claims that the modules will operate at 1333 MHz, which should world with everything in auto on the BIOS of the Asus P5Q3 DELUXE. However, if it put the P5Q3 in auto Vista crashes at start-up.


If I go into the P5Q3 BIOS and manually set 1600 MHz, 7-7-7-20, 1.8 VDC Vistar runs fine. That is until I have to resume from sleep, which causes Vista to crash.


How come I can run these modules at stock speed (by SPD), while they seem to operate OK at 1600 Mhz?


I have tried a higher voltage setting at 1333 MHz and different timing as well, but Vista crashes at startup with 1333 MHz no matter what.


I am also quite convinced that the resume from sleep issue is caused by the high speed setting (1600 MHz) or the higher voltage setting at this speed (1.8 VDC).


Are these modules simply incompatible with the Asus P5Q3 DELUXE (its running with the latest BIOS).





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I have just completed a memory test using Memtest-86 v3.4. I ran 2 passes with no errors. It even did so at the SPD settings (1333 Mhz).


I can't understand why the machine blue-screens at startup of Vista. maybe there is some issue with the P45 based Asus P5Q3 DELUXE (even through I am running the latest BIOS).

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After 3 nights working this problem I finally solved it...


The solution was to downgrade the Asus P5Q3 DELUXE BIOS to version 0704. After I did this half an hour ago everything has worked perfectly. No more BSOD at startup and no more BSOD after resuming from sleep.


As I said earlier, I am running at stock (SPD) settings (1333 MHz).


Also, with BIOS 0740 CPUID is able to determine and display all the possible memory timings (including the 1600 Mhz). I could not do that using the BIOS 1103 or newer.


I guess Asus broke the compatability with the Corsair TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHXIN G modules when they upgraded the BIOS. :(:

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My other machine (Asus Maximus Formula BIOS 1102) running 4 sticks of Corsair CM2X1024-8500C5D will run fine at 1066 MHz, but it will BSOD at resume after sleep. However, this does not happen if I reduce speed and DDR voltage to the SPD settings.


I don't know whether the P5Q3 DELUXE will resume af sleep (without BSOD) at 1600 MHz 7-7-7-20 1.8V. I have not tried this as I don't need to OC my system. I have a feeling that Vista's resume after sleep gets "confused" when the RAM speed and voltage settings are tweaked.


Anyway, with P5Q3 BIOS 0705 all is fine at SPD settings. With the newer BIOS's everything was very unstable - apart from Memtest 86, which for some strange reason did not show any problems.

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