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520hx crazy noisy...


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I picked up a corsair 520hx a couple weeks back for slightly less than a kings ransom thanks to a rebate :P I've got an Antec p180, I'm using 2 out of the 3 built in tri-cool fans, and a little 14dba scythe to cool the HDs a bit. Before the corsair, I had a 4-5 year old enermax noisetaker... and that guy was silent. I swap in my new hotness... and this mother beast is loud as all get out. I can clearly hear him from a room away...


After doing some reading about how the fan is controlled (by load, not temp?), I went and I checked what about my wattage is... I've got a C2D, 1 optical drive, 4gb ram, mid-level mobo, and 4 sata HDs.... Newegg claims I'm sporting 538... which seems slightly extreme, but I can roll with that. Is this why this PSU is so loud? Because I'm putting too much load on it at idle? While its going to absolutely kill me to sell it off after having it for a month, and force myself to buy a new higher wattage corsair... If thats what needs to be done, I'll do it.


You don't have an advanced-replacement upgrade program do you ;)


Appreciate any feedback... Corsair support has always been great to me in the past :D

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