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K8V Settings


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Ok im using two sticks of XMS3200C2 with my new K8V board, now i have managed to get these babys to fly in my NF7-S, but this board has so many options ive not seen before. My question to Ram Guy is what do i put in the options? Cas Latency (2,2.5,3) i guess 2? TRC (7-13clk) TRFC (9-15clk) TRCD (2-6clk) TWR (2-3clk) TRWT (1-6clk) TRAS (5-15clk) TRP (2-6clk) DDR Clock Delay (1-6clk) Each option is inclusive and goes up un 1 whole number except for CAS Latency. Look forward to your reply. and if possible any explanation to these new options would be appreciated. Maybe future sticks of Ram will have a sticker like 2-7-9-2-2-3-10-3-1 :) Thanks for your help Rob
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