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What is wrong with these pendrives?


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I've recently bought two Corsair pendrives. Since 1996 I've keept all my working files on a removeable media. In the first years I used the Iomega Jaz 1GB, a litle later the 2GB. When USB pendrives where available I converted. First to 256 MB (less space than 2GB Jaz, yes - but anyway ...). Then I have doubled the size prox. every year.


Recently I wanted to change my 2GB ******** DataTraveler to a Corsair Flash Survivor 8GB. I moved all my data to the new drive - then the bad days began... It was slow like swimming in honey (!?). I was disapointed, but because this litle thing is critical in both my working and private life I decided to try a Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB. It shoud be the fastet and most reliable pendrive at the marked, I read. But the same thing happened again...!


So - I don't get this: Why is it so slow and why is it making my whole system work so slowly? The main problem is when I'm using my mail program Eudora v.7.1. I keep the program files on the C:drive and the data files on my Corsair pendrive on an other drive letter. Until now this has worked perfect. But with the Corsairs it is acctually working between 10 to 15 times AS SLOW! Why?


Are there a major problem with these products or is this some kind of crash with my systems? The problem is exactly the same on both my working computer (running MS Vista Ultimate SP1) and my home computer (running MS Vista Home Premium SP1). Are there any kind of upgrade or driver installation that I have bypassed?


I've been testing both the Corsair pendrives and all my earlier pendrives with the recommended HDBench v3.40 beta 6 / 100 MB. The results are enclosed in a PDF.


I hope for a good reply - right now I'm about to put all my data back on the ******** 2GB drive ... :[pouts:


Anders Bayer

Oslo, Norway

Test pendrives.pdf

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