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m3n-ht delux and TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF


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I am looking to upgrade my ram....


While researching I find your site says quote...


This motherboard supports AMD AMD® Socket AM2+ multi-core processors with unique L3 cache and delivers better overclocking capabilities with less power consumption. It features dual-channel DDR2 1066 memory support and accelerates data transfer rate up to 5200MT/s via HyperTransport™ 3.0 based system bus. ....end quote


But the ASUS site claims Single channel!? I want to get the best ram on this board... Speed speed speed....:confused:


Will these work on dual channel ( TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF ) or no and stay with the dual channel 6400?


Thank you for all your help!

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Haven't seen a single channel mobo in YEARS.




Clearly states: Dual Channel memory architecture


Thank you for your response. It ALSO clearly states....


*DDR2 1066 is supported by some of the AM2+ CPUs only. Refer to http://www.asus.com for the supported CPU models.


And it states......


Will only recognize single channel....


This is why i am asking....

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I don't see where it says anything about single channel. Can you be more specific on where to find that?

You bet... here you go....




In the upper left ... in the FAQ knowledge base... type in approved ddr2 memory


first one on the page says, DDR2 1066 Support Status


It clearly states...

" Problem



I plan to buy AM2+ CPU and DDR2 1066. I found on that forum that AM2+ CPU does not support more than one DDR2 1066 memory module per channel. Is this true?






Yes, due to AMD CPU limitation, DDR2 1066 memory module is supported by AM2+ CPU for one DIMM per channel only. Please keep this limitation in mind when you purchase your DDR2 1066 memory module."





.I can't believe I am the first to actually read before i buy....

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I think you miss interpret that! They are saying if you install more than 2 modules of DDR1066 memory it may not function properly IE have to run in single channel or at a lower frequency.


Agreed. I think it's just a badly worded mention that most memory controllers under a full load drop the memory speed down a notch.

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OK, I installed this ram today on my M3N-ht. It will only show 800mhz. If I go into BIOS and manually change it to 1066 It will not boot. Any tricks? I was hoping to over clock but can't if I can only have 800mhz.... Sigh .....


Thanks for your help!



BIOS 1003



TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF G 2x2 (4)

Cooler Master Pro 1000w


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  • 3 weeks later...

OK, I am growing thin on patience. For some reason if I manually set this ram at 1066 it refuses to run at 1066. My system will not boot. I have reset my BIOS about 40 times now.


It will run all day @800


I have tried with the CPU mhz OC'D and not OC'd. Memtest passes everytime.


However Ortho fails 50% of the time.


I have the volts set at 2.1


@800 I can set the timings 5-5-5-15-24. I can also leave them on auto, but as soon as I tell BIOS to manually set them at 1066, It will not post.


All I want is a stable stock ram @1066. Any ideas? I'm guessing my frustration is causing me to miss something simple....

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When you say use one set of modules does this mean only one stick? I have two sticks that are 2 gigs each. If this is the case then all of the above questions that I asked and these forums, answered stating that I was wrong in my research ARE WRONG!!!!?????


Boy I hope I am incorrect and you think I have 4 sticks at 1 gig each.


Otherwise I would not have made this purchase. That is why I came here first to ask the experts before I wasted my time and money.


I'll but that I am miss understanding you though, right? I amnew at this, that is why I am researching and asking questions first.


Thanks for your help!

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