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Bios Settings Required


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I have the TWIN2X4096-6400C5 memory and I am unable to use both modules in my PC at once.


If I try to get them both to work at the same time I usually get a BSOD regarding memory_management.


I so far have been able to use one of the modules on its own to get the pc to work, I swapped out the one I have been using to the other yesterday and the PC gave BSOD just after the vista logo, once I swapped back and used the previous module again (on its own) I was up and running once more.


I have ran memtest on both modules independently and it gives no errors


I have installed the latest bios and nvidia drivers


I am currently using the bios setup defaults at present and I was just wondering if someone could give me the full listing to bios settings that need to be enable for this motherboard, memory and cpu combination.


As mentioned I can use just this one module to make the system run and the other on its own just does not allow the machine to load windows and together they allow me in but I get random BSOD's after a few mins.


Your help is appreciated.


Many thanks

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thanks for the reply however I have tried that and still not working


With the voltage set at 1.9v if I do get into windows as I seem to get BSOD now on startup with both modules in (either memory_management again or bad pool or header) i get that the graphics driver has stopped working and has recovered the screen is pretty much all over the place before I get another BSOD relating to either memory_management of nvidia drivers


I tried again to start both modules individually with the voltage at 1.9v and again as before only one allows windows windows to start.


I changed no other settings except the voltage


I must be missing something

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I ran memtest on the modules individually yesterday and no errors were found on either one.


\one module will allow me to start the pc where the other wont, it gets to the vista logo and just before you login I get a BSOD.


If I use both modules I becomes unstable BSOD's of memory_management and graphics driver errors

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  • Corsair Employees

Do you have this patch installed or SP1? And if you test each module one at a time it does pass 2 or 3 passes of http://www.memtest.org correct? If yes then there is likely some other problem IE driver and or some patch or some update that youi may have missed.


Also You'll need to install MS patch 929777 from Microsoft for more than 3 GIG in Win Vista. You can search for it at http://www.microsoft.com.
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